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Artisanal Bakehouse

Craft Mixology


🍪Now Delivering in NJ!

🍪Homemade Goodness

Let us bake your holiday cookies this year and deliver them to you!

🍪Fully Loaded, Liqueur Baked In Batter 

🍪Traditional Options without Alcohol Also Available!

What is Craft Mixology?


We have invented the magic of combining craft bartending with artisanal cookies!  We have named this magical invention Craft Mixology    and present to you Boozie Cookies!

Similar to a craft bartender, who takes a more thoughtful approach to pairing drinks with certain flavors, Craft Mixology   is a dedicated art. It's more than just booze and it’s more than just cookies!  


We make our hand-crafted cookies by mixing ingredients, including specialty liqueurs, into our batter in a creative and crafty way, so they taste way better than simply baking cookies.

Try our Craft Mixology    Cookies!  Because with every bite, you're transported to a world where all your worries disappear! Why resist temptation?





Things We Bake

In addition to our famous Fully Loaded Craft Mixology   Cookies, we offer a variety of Artisanal cookies, including a unique collection of Heritage Cookies, Traditional Classic Cookies and Featured Seasonal Favorites!


We Deliver!

Get Boozie Cookies to Your Doorstep


Wherever you are,
Our cookies will follow you.

We deliver Mon-Sun
from 9am to 11pm

Rumor Has It



“My fave is the Espresso Martini, any time of day every day. The vibe is as magical as the taste.”


“Such a great experience. Incredible cookies.  I had an unreal Champagne Cocktail that was delicious.  The classic chocolate chip, s'mores, peanut butter cup, and double chocolate all were great too!”


"While vacationing in LBI with my family for the week, I had the Loaded Cookies Collection delivered on the first day.  And the Nighttime Noshing Hub the third day. So Yummy!"


“A five star place, I even order for breakfast and weekend late night snacking.”
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